by Amanda

September 3, 2012

Skaneateles, NY

On Saturday morning, we got up and drove to Skaneateles.  We walked around downtown (which was absolutely packed) for a couple hours, then ate lunch at Johnny Angel’s for lunch, which was pretty good and cheap.  After lunch, we went to check into our hotel, Holiday Inn in Auburn, to start getting ready for the wedding.  When booking our hotel, there was hardly anything available, but almost everyone else we knew attending the wedding was staying in the same hotel, so we were pretty happy with it.

In the early evening, we attended the outdoor ceremony then went inside the country club for cocktail hour and the reception.  Everything was beautiful…a good mix of fancy and rustic.  Sophia fell asleep after the ceremony and slept right through dinner (which was fine with us- we got to enjoy our dinner then feed her afterward!).  After she got done eating, that girl was a dancing machine!  She danced with anyone and everyone who would dance with her, no matter if she knew them or not.  She was a social butterfly and I’m pretty sure saying that she had a great time…is an understatement.  After the reception, there was an “after party” at a bar/lounge next to our hotel.  They rented the whole back patio for our party, so we had a good time.

The next morning, we walked around for a couple hours, then headed to Niagara Falls, NY.

1. Johnny Angel’s restaurant in Skaneateles. 2. Sophia smelling the flowers in downtown Skaneateles. 3. My wedding Instagram collage.  4. Skaneateles Lake, a part of the Finger Lakes.


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