Here we go again…

I’m just terrible at this whole blogging deal. I keep meaning to update, then get busy with other things (including but not limited to 2 busy little girls, a husband, a dog, a house that needed renovating, and a part time job).

Anyway, here I am again. I guess I should catch y’all up on the last five (!!!) months! Let’s just jump right into some Instagram pictures, shall we?


1. Cesar and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in February. Five years! I really don’t feel old enough to have been married for five years.

2. Valentine’s Day 2014- I have to say, I’m pretty sure I had the two cutest little Valentines around.

3. My girls are about 1/16th Irish, so they celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green and chowing down on corned beef and cabbage.

4. Cesar celebrated his birthday in March also. We had a yummy lunch at a newer restaurant in town with my family and his family, then had a picnic dinner and went for a walk.

5. We’ve made many trips to Disney since the last time we’ve “talked”, but this trip was particularly fun. We took Sophia and left Emma with my parents (sorry, girl!). We arrived in the early evening and closed the park down at 1am. There were hardly any people there, so we got to do so much in one night!

6. Since I found out we were expecting a second daughter, I’ve dreamt of dressing my girls in matching Easter outfits. I found these adorable dresses at Target and could not have been more excited!

7. Moving day- finally! After owning our house for almost six months, we finally moved in the middle of May. We had lots of help, so it wasn’t horrible, but it was an exhausting day. Well worth it, though.

8. Sophia turned three at the end of May. I could hardly believe it. This girl is growing up so fast before our eyes, but I am so proud of the sweet, smart, hilarious little girl she is becoming. She had a such a fun birthday!

9. A couple weeks later, our baby girl turned one. It just doesn’t seem possible either. Emma is our “wild child”. She’s a good girl, but will definitely give you a run for your money. Not an hour goes by that I don’t laugh at something Emma does.

There it is…the past five months rolled into one post. Maybe I’ll finally get around to introducing you to our four-legged girl and possibly even show some before and after pictures of our house. Until next time…!

Our Family Lately

Goodness, it’s been awhile. As usual.

We’ve been having a good time as a family of four! Well, technically I guess we’re a family of five now, since we have adopted a four-legged friend. But we’ll save that for another post.

Since we last met, lots has gone on! Here are some highlights:

Emma went to Disney for the first time. We took the girls to Magic Kingdom. Sophia had a blast, like she normally does, but at 4 months old, Emma could not have cared less.

Football season came and went. We don’t really want to talk about it. Us Gator fans like to pretend it didn’t happen. But on the bright side, our girls look cuuuute in orange and blue!

After seeing pictures of Cesar (at about 4 years old) dressed up as Superman for Halloween, Sophia decided she wanted to be Superwoman. She chose Minnie Mouse for Emma. I have to admit, they looked pretty cute!


Emma started eating solids. Pretty funny stuff. Here’s where she tried peas for the first time. Actually, she loved them and this face was because there were none left.

Christmas. Sophia was at such a great age this year at Christmas! We did all kinds of fun things!

We bought a house! We became homeowners the week between Christmas and New Years. We absolutely love our house, but unfortunately, there have been some problems with the whole renovation process and we have yet to move in. Once we have finished renovating and decorating, I will share some of the changes we’ve made.

We spent New Year’s Eve at my parents’ house, where some of Cesar’s family joined us. I thought for sure Sophia would be worn out by 9pm, but she outlasted us all!

And since then…well, we’ve just been staying busy keeping up with our girls. They’re both super mobile now (Emma started crawling about a week after she turned 5 months and pulling herself to a stand at about 6 months)!

The Happiest Place on Earth!

The Happiest Place on Earth_Magic KingdomSophia has always loved all things Disney.  Her first birthday party had a Minnie Mouse theme, she has more Disney stuffed animals than she can count, and she loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse when it’s on TV.  So, not surprisingly, Cesar and I had been discussing the idea of taking her to Disney World (as in, the parks) since she was about 18 months old.  Kids are free until their third birthday, so it would just be buying tickets for Cesar and I…perfect.  We talked about all the possibilities- one day pass?  Three day?  Seasonal?  Annual?  Geez, the number of options when it comes to purchasing Disney tickets can really stress out a research freak like me.  Finally, about a month before Sophia’s second birthday, we decided to go for it.  But not without a little research first.

One day pass.  Cheapest option for sure, but definitely not the biggest bang for our buck.  We could only choose one park and I’d feel like we needed to spend the whooooole day there to get the most out of our money.  Umm, that was a big no with a two year old and a 7.5 month pregnant mama who was already starting to waddle.  One day passes were out.

Three day pass.  We didn’t really want to go for three days in a row with Sophia- we thought it might be too much.  With the flex-pass or whatever they call it, we could go three separate days and we could probably fit some time in at all four parks if we chose the right tickets.  But what if she loved it and wanted to keep going back (which we were thinking was a very strong possibility)?  We would have wasted like $150 each then would have to buy more tickets anyway.  Hmm.  Three day passes- nope!

Seasonal pass.  I knew from the beginning that I didn’t like the idea of seasonal passes for us.  We had them when I was younger and it worked out nicely for us, but for Cesar and I, there are too many blackout dates.  With Cesar working an hour away in the complete opposite direction from Orlando, there are only certain days we could go and wanted to know that our Disney tickets would be good for the days we wanted to use them.  Plus, if I was going to spend several hundred dollars on passes for the year, I’d rather just spend the extra $200-something and get annual passes.  Soooo…annual passes it was!

I researched and researched and researched online to figure out how I could get the best deal.  I ended up buying annual passes through AAA.  It was a little cheaper than buying them directly through Disney and it came with a free Diamond parking pass.

At the end of April, we took Sophia to the Magic Kingdom for the first time.  She had an absolute ball!  When we first got there, a parade was just starting.  She did not turn her eyes away from that parade for a second.

The Happiest Place on Earth_ParadeAfter the parade, she wanted to meet the princesses.  She couldn’t believe the princesses in her books were real!  Her favorite was Cinderella.

The Happiest Place on Earth_PrincessesThen we rode the train to Fantasyland to ride Dumbo.  She was so excited to ride them both and just laughed and smiled the entire time!  She and Cesar rode Dumbo while I watched.  She was having so much fun controlling the lever on the Dumbo ride.  I think Cesar regretted that decision.

The Happiest Place on Earth_TrainThe Happiest Place on Earth_DumboNext stop was meeting Minnie Mouse and Daisy.  She squealed when she saw Minnie Mouse and she even tried sneaking under the ropes to meet her before our turn.

The Happiest Place on Earth_Daisy and MinnieWe also shopped a little, rode on the Carousel of Progress, ate lunch in Tomorrowland, and visited a few other attractions.  Believe it or not, that was a full day’s worth of fun (which equaled about 8 hours for the aforementioned 7.5 month waddling pregnant woman).

We have been to Epcot since then, which was even more fun for me (at about 38 weeks pregnant).  We are really happy with our decision to buy annual passes and are definitely planning on going lots now that I’m no longer pregnant.  Next up…Animal Kingdom!


The past few months…

Well, hey there!  It’s been a little while, huh?  Well, I really have no excuse other than that life just got in the way over here.  Strange how that happens!  I guess I have a lot to catch you up on…you’ve missed a lot.

I’ll do a quick little run through of the past few months.

Sophia’s First Halloween
The weekend before Halloween, we wanted to take some fall pictures of Sophia, so we took her to a local church that had a pumpkin patch, gave them a donation, and snapped away.  We got such cute pictures!  For Halloween, Sophia was the cutest little ladybug I’ve ever seen.  We went “trunk or treating” at a church with Cesar’s cousin Jorge, his wife Edith, and their two kids Yere and Brandon.  Yere and Brandon had lots of fun, and Sophia was just very confused.  She didn’t know why we were walking around looking at all these crazy looking people, and especially didn’t know why she had antennas hanging off her head.
After trunk or treating, we went to visit my side of the family at my Nanny’s house.  Nana and Pop got Sophia a little “First Halloween” gift, and so did Nanny.  She enjoyed getting to sit on the dining room table and play with her new toys while everyone else enjoyed rummaging through her stash of candy.
Sophia Met Abuela for the First Time

Sophia has known her Nana, Pop, and Abuelo since she was born.  Unfortunately for everyone, her Abuela (Cesar’s mom), was not able to come from Venezuela until the beginning of November.  She had only met her through Skype prior to then.  Let’s face it though…while Skype is better than nothing, it is definitely not the same as being able to hug the person on the other side of the computer.  I’m sure it’s especially true if that other person is your first grandchild.
Clara (aka Abuela) landed in Orlando late on a Friday night, and Cesar, Oswaldo (Cesar’s dad), Sophia, and I were there waiting for her.  She was very emotional, but as you can probably tell by the pictures, Sophia wasn’t sure what to think!
Sophia Went to “Disney” for the First Time
First things first…”Disney” is in quotes because when I say Disney, I don’t mean the Disney parks, but Disney property in general.  Cesar had a half day of work a few weeks before Christmas, so Sophia and I rode to Orlando with him for the day.  When he got off work, we went to all the Disney hotels and campground, rode the monorail and boats (which Sophia loved…until she spit up all over the place in the monorail, and we realized we left the burp cloth in the car), and went to Downtown Disney.  We used to do that all the time when I was a kid, usually with my Grandma and Granddad, so it was super fun to do it with my own daughter!  Everything was decorated beautifully for Christmas.  Afterward, we went to Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney for dinner, which Sophia thought was the best thing ever.  She loved the “thunderstorms” and looking at all the fish in the aquarium, especially.
Sophia’s First Christmas

Since last Christmas when I was pregnant with Sophia, I have been dreaming about her first Christmas.  I dreamt of Sophia waking up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning, begging us to get up so she can go through her stocking and see what Santa brought her.  Well, apparently I wasn’t thinking straight…I guess they call it pregnancy brain.  Ummm, at 7 months old, Sophia wasn’t quite old enough to wake herself up from excitement of the day to come, get herself out of bed, and come bug the crap out of us til we finally got up (not that my brother and sister and I have ever done that…hah!).  She wasn’t old enough to go through her own stocking or to be extremely excited about all the stuff Santa brought her.  True, she would have rather played with the boxes and wrapping paper and bows than with the toys that we spent all this money on.  But you know what?  It really was the best Christmas ever, even if it is just because she was here with us.  And after I threw away all the trash she was playing with, she actually did like all of her toys!  It was a long day for all of us (especially Sophia), but it was so much fun.
Our main Christmas card picture
Sophia’s First New Year
We spent the whole New Year’s weekend in Tampa with Cesar’s parents and brother.  On New Year’s Eve day, we went to Busch Gardens, and stayed until after midnight so we could watch the fireworks.  They had a stage set up in the fields in the back of the park, with a concert going on for several hours before midnight and we had a good time singing along to all the songs the band played.  I think we wore Sophia out…she was asleep by 9pm.  Luckily for us, her stroller can lay completely flat, because it was a very long day for her!  We woke her up at 11:59pm to watch her first New Year’s fireworks (which she really didn’t end up caring too much about).  We also called my brother’s phone on FaceTime right after 12:00am, so we could say Happy New Year to Nana, Pop, Uncle Garrett, and Aunt Jess.  What a way to bring in the new year though…with my awesome husband and my beautiful little girl!
Well, I think I’ve pretty much caught you all up on our lives for the past few months.  I promise, promise, promise I’ll try to be a better blogger and update a little more often than every 4 months!