Sophia’s First Easter

Well, a couple weeks ago was Sophia’s first Easter, and a fun Easter it was!

We had about 10 cousins from New York come down to visit during their spring break, so my Nanny had a houseful.  It was agreed upon by everyone that we’d have a low-key Easter…so beach it was!  We all met at Nanny’s church on Easter morning for Easter mass.  We went back to Nanny’s house for everyone to get changed into their beach gear and see what the Easter Bunny left for Sophia at Nana and Pop’s house (yes, the Easter Bunny visited Sophia at our house and at Nana and Pop’s house…lucky girl!).  He brought her lots of fun things to their house, so they brought it all for her to check out.

After getting bathing suits on and lathering up with sunscreen, we headed to the beach.  This was Sophia’s third time at the beach.  She’s liking it more and more every time we go, but it really tires her out, so she thought it appropriate to take a little mid-day siesta right there on the beach.

After about a thirty minute nap, she was ready and roaring to go again, so we went to the edge of the water and played, then came back up to the soft sand to crawl around some more.

I’ll tell ya, that salt water will really wear you out though, because Sophia was ready to take another nap pretty soon.

She fell asleep and stayed asleep until we got back to Nanny’s house for dinner.

Finally, after a couple hour nap, she woke up and had all kinds of fun with her cousins she had just met a few days before.  She crawled around all over the house, jumped from arm to arm, played the piano, played ball, and quite a few other fun things.

It’s funny how much more fun holidays are with a baby, especially at this really fun age.  Obviously, she doesn’t understand the concept of the Easter Bunny yet, but it sure was fun for us!  I ‘d have to say, this was the most fun Easter to date!

Sophia’s First Trip to the Beach

Cesar and I have been wanting to take Sophia to the beach for a while now.  But until yesterday, it just hadn’t happened yet.  Last summer, Sophia was only a couple months old, and we didn’t want to bring her when she was that young.  Then, it was way too cold for a few months (you know, like…in the 60s!).  And after that, we’ve had something going on every weekend.  Finally, a nice day coincided with a Saturday that we had nothing going on, so to the beach we went!

When we got there, we put Sophia in the sand to crawl around, and she did not know what in the world to think!  She crawled straight toward me and wanted me to pick her up.  She just stared and stared at her hands, just as confused as could be!

I put her back down and we walked toward the water, and she followed us to the edge of the water.  Again, she just looked at us like, “what the heck is all this stuff!?”  But, soon enough…she was actually having fun!  She was splashing and digging in the sand and crawling around.  And fake laughing (the middle picture).

We only stayed at the beach for about 45 minutes.  Even though it was only 10am, it was a little hot for Sophia.  We wrapped her all up in her towel (a hand towel…perfect size for her!), and we were on our way home!

We will definitely be going back soon (hopefully next weekend!), and hopefully she will get used to it and love it!  I have lived near the beach my whole life and have never really taken advantage of it…I really want Sophia to love it!

P.S. Isn’t her $3 bathing suit adorable? 😛