by Amanda

October 20, 2011

I have to admit.  My 5 month old is way more fashionable than her momma.  It’s hard to resist, though.  I mean, there’s nothing that doesn’t look cute on her.  Nothing that makes her stomach stick out or her butt look big (except for that dang diaper!).  I am embarrassed to admit (or, at least that’s what I tell everyone) that Sophia takes up more closet space than Cesar and I do.

As if baby clothes weren’t cute enough, usually I just happen to walk through the baby shoes section and, crap!, how’d those get in my cart!?  Oops.  I usually try to hide them from Cesar for a few days, then gradually work them into her wardrobe.  I pretend that she’s had them forever, and that he just now noticed them.  Usually, he buys it, all is well, and Sophia has a brand spankin’ new pair of shoes.  Just kidding!  (Kind of.)

So, I present to you, Sophia’s shoe collection (rather, the shoes that fit Sophia right now- we still have quite a few pairs in her drawers that are too big).  I’m not going to lie and say she has more shoes than me, because if you know me at all, you know that can’t be true.  But, she does have probably double the number of shoes that her daddy does!

Seriously, can you blame me?  Aren’t they all adorable?  I love all of them- I couldn’t pick a favorite if I had to!  But, maybe you can…which ones are your favorites?

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  1. I can't believe you wrote about Pia's shoes! You're right – they are all adorable and I can't wait for the next size to fit her so we can see even more! A cute girl's gotta have cute shoes, right?

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