by Amanda

October 10, 2011

We’ve been giving Sophia “real” food for about two weeks now. Week 1 was rice cereal, week 2 was bananas, and week 3, as of yesterday, was apples. She has loved everything we’ve given her so far! Next week will probably be green peas (on the list of “safest” foods to give small babies). I love peas, so I crazily assume Sophia will automatically love them too. That’s the way my mind works. Plus, I can’t wait to take pictures with peas all over her. I know that might be weird, but she really makes a mess, and rice cereal, bananas, and apples just don’t show up all that well in pictures. I’ve been bugging Cesar since two weeks ago to give her something green. When we got a list of safe foods yesterday and green peas were on there, the annoying factor has gotten worse (or so Cesar says).

Sophia’s first reaction to apples was…a smile!

After a little while, though, she started playing around and making funny faces. This is probably one of the funniest pictures I have taken of Sophia…I’ve never even seen her make that face before!

Every day is something new with her. This is such a fun age!

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