by Amanda

October 2, 2011

Saturdays in our household mean one thing…game day. We wake up in the morning, shower, and as quickly as we can, change into our Gator garb (although, I’ll admit, sometimes it’s hard to decide what to wear because of the abundance of orange and blue in our closets). Even Sophia has a whole Gator wardrobe to choose from.

This Saturday started out as a typical Saturday during football season. We slept in until 10am, got ready for the day, then laid around and flipped back and forth through about four football games we found on TV. Later in the afternoon, it was so nice outside, we decided to take a little break from football and check out a little fair that was going on nearby, before it was time to go our friend Tim’s house to watch the game. We walked around and smiled, nodded, and uttered “Go Gators” to anyone and everyone we passed by that even looked like they might be a Gator fan.

We left the fair, anxiously awaiting 8:00. We stopped by Walmart to buy beer (for Cesar) and Diet Coke (for me) to bring to Tim’s, then we were on our way. We ate tacos for dinner while we watched the pre-game show and waited for the game to start. When it was finally time for kickoff, we didn’t know what to expect…after all, Alabama has a great team.  After only 19 seconds of play, John Brantley threw a perfect pass to Andre Debose, who ran it into the end zone for a quick six. After a made extra point, Cesar and I were high fiving each other and were feeling pretty good about the rest of the game, while Tim and his friend Kathryn were pretty annoyed (they are both Florida State fans, which actually means they are a fan of anyone playing the Gators).

Well, it all went downhill from there. That would be one of only two times we scored the whole game (the other being a field goal), while Alabama continued to rack up the points. By half time, we decided to play board games instead of watch the game. We listened in the background, but playing Uno, Taboo, and Battle of the Sexes proved to be much more fun than watching the Gators get stomped by the Tide.

The final scored was 38-10 Alabama. But hey, the night wasn’t a total loss. At least us girls won at Taboo and Battle of the Sexes.  Plus, I am the mama of the cutest little Gator fan I’ve ever seen!

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