by Amanda

October 5, 2011

First things first- Sophia loves bananas! She ate bananas Monday night and last night out of a jar, then tonight, I made some by mashing a banana, adding liquid, then putting it in the food processor. I hope she’s going to like fruits and vegetables a lot. Cesar and I both do, so hopefully that’s a good sign!

Well, sometimes Cesar and I aren’t in the mood for mashed bananas or rice cereal, so once in a while I like to make something different for the two of us. We eat chicken quite a bit, but this is one of my favorite recipes to make. It’s so easy, but really tastes like you spent hours on it. It’s one of the first recipes I made after Cesar and I were married. We had the best chicken piccata at our wedding, and we’ve both loved it ever since. I don’t know if anything could top the one at our wedding, but this one sure comes close!

Chicken Piccata
(recipe adapted from Simply Recipes)

2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
salt and pepper
1/4 c. flour, plus 2 tbsp. flour, separated
2 tbsp. olive oil
2 tbsp. butter, separated
1/2 c. chicken broth
splash of white wine
2 tbsp. lemon juice
2 tbsp. capers, drained and rinsed

Butterfly chicken breasts and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Dredge in 1/4 cup of flour. Heat olive oil and 1 tbsp. butter over medium high heat. Put chicken breasts in the pan and cook until browned, or about 6 minutes per side. Set aside.

Add 2 tbsp. flour, 1 tbsp. butter, chicken broth, wine, lemon juice, and capers to the pan and deglaze. Cook until sauce heats up and starts to bubble. Put chicken breasts back in the pan and cook until heated through. Serve immediately over pasta.

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  1. That looks amazing Amanda!I miss hanging out at your place and you making random dishes in the middle of the night haha. Need to invite me next time you are having this! haha.

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