I’m Amanda. I might seem shy at first, but once I know you a little better, I really don’t shut up. I am not a very patient person, except for with my daughters. I don’t consider myself a good writer, but I like to do it anyway. Here are some other things I thought you might need to know about me:

I have a college degree in “integrative health sciences”, whatever that means. They could’ve just called it sports medicine. It was a pretty difficult major (for me at least), but I made it through.

I never knew how to cook until I got engaged, when I took it upon myself to teach myself (with my dad’s help).  I started out following recipes word for word, but eventually branched out and started tweaking recipes, and even making up my own.

I have traveled pretty extensively in North America, but have never been to another continent. I want to see lots of other countries, but I also think there are plenty of amazing places to see in the United States.

If you listened to my music playlist, you would be confused. I have everything from hardcore rap to classic rock to country. I don’t have a favorite.

I eat ketchup on everything. I got that from my dad. I also believe that the spicier food is, the better it is.

I love to read (although I don’t do it so much anymore) but I get bored easily, so half the time, I don’t end up finishing books.


This is my husband, Cesar. We have been together since we were 19 and 21 years old, and married since 2009.  He is a Gator football fan, like me (because if not, I wouldn’t have married him), but also likes pretty much all other sports too. He has a degree in computer engineering and works in the technology field. He was born and raised in Venezuela, so when he moved to the United States at 15 years old, he didn’t know a word of English. He was thrown into high school and forced to learn English. Today, 17 years later, if you listen to him talk, you can’t even tell English isn’t his first language. It’s pretty amazing. He loves to travel, and together we’ve been all across the United States, as well as a few other countries. He is interested in photography, especially (still!) learning how to use our DSLR. He is still figuring out how to use all the features, and trying to teach me at least how to take a decent picture on automatic. He is also a great cook, but I won’t usually let him cook, because if I did, we wouldn’t eat dinner until midnight (he likes to take his time).
This is my beautiful girl, Sophia. I call her my “Sophie-girl”. She was a little peanut when she was born two weeks before my due date in May 2011, but she is growing so fast! She has the biggest heart of anyone I know and always wants to make sure everyone is happy.  She loves reading, “Frozen”, and shopping at Target (she is my daughter, after all!). She is so smart- she even speaks two languages (English and Spanish)!  She is the best big sister to Emma.
Emma is my littlest girl and the first word that comes to mind when describing her is hilarious.  Cesar, Sophia, and I hardly ever call her Emma, mostly Emmy and Tori (Sophia calls her that mostly).  Her first word was “hola”, seriously.  She still says that to almost everyone that walks by.  She has wild hair…there’s just no fixing it!  She makes everything so fun and I can’t even remember life before this little girl anymore!